Monday, November 5, 2007

Things I miss about my childhood

Yesterday I read an article that made me quite nostalgic. It was about things that children who grew during the 80s miss now-a days. The article forced me to travel back in time and relive those cherished moments once again, albeit with a sigh!!

So, I would love to list the things that were so much of fun during my childhood and are sorely missed now-a days(though I never spared a thought about the same till I read the article):

  1. Summer and winter vacations: My lazy soul craves for those blissful holidays though being a professional has its own demands. So, having the weekends to relax and chill is only something that I get at present.
  2. Comic books: I still remember how after every final exam term, I waited eagerly for my share of chacha chowdhary, chandamama, champak and other comic books that were ordered by my parents in a lot. Usually I had the chance to read these comics somewhat regularly but the bulk order was something that gave me immense joy.
  3. Visit by my mamas from Kolkata: I spent my childhood in Muradnagar(near Delhi). My mamas(maternal uncles) used to visit us and these visits had special meaning for me. These were the times when I had the Amar Chitra Kathas in Bengali and other children's literature from Bengal. In fact, I owe a lot to my mamas who were hugely responsible for getting me interested in Bengali literature and the language itself.
  4. Sweet tooth: I was never fond of sweets but the cheap lozenges and poppins were big attractions for me. Even the tiktiki lozenges that came in various plastic bottles of varied shapes were a big draw amongst my peers.
  5. The factory hooter(Siren): As we lived in factory quarters(my father being an employee with the Ordnance Factory Board), every weekday began with the shrill sound of the factory hooter. Sundays sounded a bit awkward as I missed the siren's sound.
  6. Load shedding: These hours in the dark were a welcome break from studies. These were also the times when the storyteller in my father took charge of the proceedings. I just lapped up whatever my father had to tell-be it his childhood incidents, his school-escapades, ragging or his job experiences.
  7. Rehearsals: Vigorous rehearsals for over 2 months for Durga Puja cultural activities are another thing that has become history now. These rehearsals were also the pretext when boys and girls could meet away from prying eyes(those days, people didn't had a broad mindset regarding such meetings and things were quite different from what they are now).
  8. Art of storytelling and Thakumar Jhuli: I miss the stories of Thakumar Jhuli that introduced me to the rakkhosh, khokkhosh, daini, shuorani, duorani etc. I miss my thamma's storytelling art too.
  9. Adda and PNPC: Though I still indulge in these activities but those childhood days were simply matchless.
  10. Doordarshan: Yes, I sometimes miss the old telly programs, especially so when there's a total chaos on the telly-scene today!!

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