Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend arrives

Thank's Saturday again!!!

I love the weekend coz these are the two days when I can sleep late in the morning, laze around the house, listen to my favorite fm channel, have a late bath and then hop on to the road to see a film, a play, chat with friends or simply chill out in my own company.

It was no different today. I have taken my Brunch already(usually, on holidays, I skip breakfast and instead have my lunch earlier) . I plan to catch a play today in the evening though my lazy soul craves for a lenghty nap at the comfort zone of my house. Let's see, who wins, my wanderlust or my lazy soul.

Postscript: (posted on 25th Nov)

I did manage to catch the play yesterday. Today, I would be again heading to the same venue to catch another one. Weekened has really upped my energy levels!!!


dhiman said...

sach pucho to mujhe weekend se darr lagta hai yaar, phir se wohi boring do din, kuch karneka ka hi nehi hota, except!! mere khayal se saat din hi office hona chahiye..:):)

dhiman said...

inspite of my last comment..hats off to weekends :)..

madhu said...

mere liye weekend sabhi din hai aur working day bhi sabhi din hai.:)