Saturday, November 10, 2007

My solitary lover

I am having a blast enjoying this back-to-back holidays at home, catching up on lots of pending reading and networking with friends. I thought why not pen a few lines about a hillarious experience that I had last year around this time.

That day, I was not supposed to attend office though I had to hit the road for some official business. However, a change of plan of the top brass and a few calls later, I was sitting on a public bus and heading towards office(at Dalhousie) after finishing my official business at Baguiati. Just the day before, I had a hair cut and I really admired my new look. As it was around 1.30pm., the bus was quite vacant. I was sitting on the last seat with only an elderly gentleman beside the window for company.

After two or three halts, this man (would prefer calling him a boy, rather!!) took the bus and chose the seat beside me. I felt somewhat awkward because my sixth sense could tell that he was glancing at me. After a few seconds, he complimented me on my looks, introduced himself and offered a handshake. I responded out of sheer courtesy and had that handshake.


After that he asked me to be his friend and I told politely that I choose my friends by my own sweet will and I hate any kind of coercion in this respect. Nevertheless, he continued to chatter. After completing his family and professional background, he came to chatter about marriage and all that stuff. The bus was getting filled up and I was chanting God's name to give me a glimpse of a metro station so that I don't have to suffer this anymore(I had already taken the ticket to Dalhousie and this brat beside me was also heading towards the same destination. By then, I had already decided that there was no way that I was going to travel the full distance).

In between, he asked me for my cell number and I refused. As he persisted, I offered him my e-mail id. "What would be the suitable time to mail you?", he asked. (I controlled my laughter coz this guy surely thought mail to be similar to cell that had some suitable timings....thank God for his ignorance, hah!!)

The shock of my life was yet to come. After his bakwaas about marriage, he proposed me and then continued telling how happy he would keep me(Aila, what was this, I thought!!)

I could sense how the people standing nearby were cherishing this and how I controlled myself from giving him a tight slap, only God knows. Finally, I got the glimpse of a metro station, rushed out of the bus, dashed to it, turning back to see in between if I was being followed. After I reached office, people asked me what was the case as my face was wearing a reddish tinge(Blush or anger or a blend of two, I don't know).

Finally, I recounted the whole incident and we had a hearty laugh!! Only sad part was that this was my first and last proposal till date and my solitary lover(I doubt whether I should at all tag this brat as my lover...naah, I would prefer not to)

So, since that day, my friends had an incident to pull my leg (not very often though) .

Though I felt a bit scared at that time, the whole incident seemed very hillarious afterwards. What do you say?

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dhiman said...

wat a incident!!! on a second thought agar haamein koi is tarah se propose karta to ?????????