Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Aging Aunty

Now that the whole world (at least that is what it seems to me) is busy finding a suitable groom for me, I think that I have really grown quite old(No sigh, I'm loving it, to say in McDonald style!!). Being called didi was quite common untill now but recently I was even tagged aunty by two PYTs(Pretty Young Things). My indomitable spirit, however, remains as strong as ever(the evergreen hero, Dev Anand, being my inspiration).

So, my smile remains where it truly belongs to...on my face.

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dhiman said...

hum sab log to andar se ek bacche hain, jo thodasa apnapan, thodasa pyar, thodasa care ka liye saari umar intezar karta hai, mere khayal se :), so the prime thing is keeping alive the child in us..