Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pen…..mightier than the sword?

I read an article today and that kept me thinking……are we still in love with our pens or have these pens lost the charm that they held in the yesteryears…..

When I leaf through the pages of my childhood, I could clearly feel the excitement of that first day when I was finally allowed to graduate to pens from pencils… was the license that finally I was coming of age and I loved it like anything!!!

However, I never quite liked the idea of writing with fountain pens. Though I began with fountain pens, I shifted to ball points at the earliest chance and have stuck to it till date. I find them much more manageable and easy to write with if you are in a hurry.

However, with the invasion of computers in our life, that habit of writing is on the decline and I am no exception. Perhaps, a day would come again when I would be able to feel that charm of writing with pen, a charm that was an integral part of my growing up years….

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