Monday, November 12, 2007

A marriage made in heaven (Story)

After the seemingly never ending marriage rituals got over, Indu and Adi finally got a few moments to themselves. “You must be sad for not getting a beautiful wife. Instead, you have me….pretty bad, eh?” Indu said teasingly. And then both of them burst into peals of laughter.

It all started a year ago. Indrani (aka Indu) was checking her e-mails when she came across this personalized message in response to her profile posted on a marriage-site. Aditya (aka Adi) seemed the perfect match. Working as a project manager in IBM, Adi’s profile would have impressed any girl. Indrani sent him a thanks mail. Things flew from there. A few mails and calls later, both decided to meet. After their first meeting, they decided to get their families involved to take things further. Within a fortnight, Adi and his mother came over to Indu’s house to have a formal talk.

Twist in the tale:
Indu was eagerly waiting for Adi’s call when his mother called on the landline number. Indu’s father took the call. Something was wrong. The face of Indu’s father changed color so quickly that even Indu felt tensed. “Aditya’s mother doesn’t approve of Indrani as she is dark-skinned and no match to her Adonis son”, her father declared, somewhat sarcastically.

Destiny’s hand:
“Hi! How are you?” yelled Adi on seeing Indu waiting at the bus-stop. Though both worked in sector V, Salt Lake, they haven’t crossed path until this day. After some customary talks, Adi offered Indu a cup of coffee and she agreed. Over the brewing cuppa, amongst other things, both made it clear that they are no longer a prospective match as both have declared the same to their kith-and-kin. During the next fortnight, the two met four times on various pretexts. Indu was sensing something cooking between the two but was not sure. Finally came Adi’s proposal of marriage to which she readily agreed.

Indu and Adi have been happily married for four years now and have Debasish, their two year old son for company. Indu’s mother-in-law, however, still can’t digest the whole scenario, even after so many years.


dhiman said...

as the title says...really made in heaven..

Doell said...

Very well written....or rather very well woven. I really loved reading your tale as if I was new to it........

Saborni said...

It's really nice...very well written...