Monday, November 12, 2007

Working from home

I have always envied those who have the fortune of working from home. However, I also know that I would never be able to do a good job sitting at home simply because I lack that discipline. Also, I yearn for that professional environment where seeing everybody at work gives you a moral high.

Thanks to today's bandh, I had to do a bit of official work on my home-PC as this overseas project is time bound and can't take delays. I was quite happy that at last, I would be able to laze around the house after waking up late, have no hurry to beat the dust of the road, no elbowing in the crowded metro compartments and be able to work at my own pace.

Sadly, my own sweet pace turned out to be snail pace; what I do on an average day at office, I did only a fragment of it (considering the task done on per hour basis coz I worked only 4 hrs, instead of the 10 hrs, flexibility, you see).

So, no luck for me regarding working from home. (sigh!!)

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dhiman said...

ya..thats flexibilty..:):)