Saturday, November 10, 2007

My best companion

During my childhood and my adolescence, I was a vigorous reader. However, with time, this cherished hobby of mine died a slow death, owing to pressures of studies and then job responsibilities. Though I read sometimes those days, the joy of staying with printed word on a regular basis was missing.

Thanks to my last job as a content writer, I came back to an environment where people loved reading and even infused the energy into you to explore the terrain of upcoming as well as seasoned writers.

So, here I am, again enjoying the revived hobby of mine of reading books. I can vouch for one thing for sure that books are the best and most trusted companion of man. Atleast, I feel that way though opinions of others may surely differ from mine.

1 comment:

dhiman said...

ya, books are the best friends of human being, atleast sari zindagi saath to deti hai...