Monday, November 12, 2007

A Pawned Life (Story)

Hard times never last:
For the past few months, everything wasn’t hunky-dory on Ajay’s business front. He suffered some unexpected losses and needed a hefty sum to stabilize his ship. Thankfully, his bank loan, which was getting stuck until now, finally got approved. Ajay already had set plans for steering his business into the future-zone.

Man proposes, God disposes:
When everything was set in place, it was time for Jaundice to strike. Ajay lay in his bed, helplessly. His wife, Simran, sensed something wrong with her husband and asked him quite a few times but Ajay shoved the matter aside.

The flexing muscles of the recovery agents:
Six months have passed after Ajay got his loan. He has been able to steady his business somewhat but failed to repay the first loan-installment. Loan recovery agents were causing a lot of disturbance in his otherwise happy family life. Apart from giving him threat-calls on the cell, these agents even went to his house one day in his absence to threaten Simran. Since then, Simran has been living under a constant threat.

The last blow:
One year had passed and Ajay had been unable to repay the pre-decided amount of his loan. In the last week, within a period of two days, the recovery agents had knocked his door twice. How he faced their deterogatory remarks and insults as the neighbors relished the situation and his wife helplessly looked-on, only he knows.

Ajay checked the noose of the rope. Yes, it would not fail him as destiny has. He uttered, “Forgive me Simmy, I am leaving you alone but I just can’t bear this insult anymore.” He tightened the noose around his neck, kicked the stool from under his legs and left this mortal world.

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dhiman said...

its pathetic, but it happens..kuch log zindagi ke sath ladne ka himmat nehi juta paate, kya karein yehi zindagi hai..