Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An interesting insight

Yesterday, I heard an interesting thing on a fm channel and would like to share the same with all of you.

It so happened once that a girl, unable to cope with severe stress and adversity, approached her mother to help her out. The mother took the daughter to the kitchen. She took three containers and filled them with water. Then, she put a carrot, an egg and some coffee beans in the three containers respectively. Afterwards, she put all the three containers on the gas burner. As the water boiled, each of these three ingredients underwent some change.

The carrot gave way to its hardness and became soft. The egg hardened from inside. The coffee beans melted somewhat and gave the water a taste of coffee. The mother asked the daughter – "Of these three, which one would you like to be- the carrot, the egg or the coffee beans?"

The daughter was unable to decide and asked her mother once again to explain what she meant by this experiment.

The mother explained: Each of these three ingredients show us how some people react to stress and adverse conditions that they face in life. The heat of the burner is the adversity in this case. The carrot gave way to its natural character quite easily and became soft, referring to people who don't have the ability to cope with difficulties. The egg when facing troubles became hard, just like some people who refuse to adjust to changing circumstances and become stubborn. However, something interesting happened with the coffee beans.

The coffee beans not only underwent a change in their character but also made the water taste like coffee. In other words, some people not only adjust themselves to face the adverse situations but even change the situation in their own favor, partially if not fully. So, when faced with difficult situations, we should try to emulate the coffee beans.

The mother went on to explain further:
The happiest people are not the ones who have the best of everything. Rather, these are those people who make the best use of whatever they have. Remember that you can't escape adversities. So, rather than escaping the inevitable, make yourself strong and confident enough to face whatever situation life throws in your face boldly. To sail through the rough waters of life, all that you need is your self-belief and confidence.

The message was now clear to the daughter. She thanked her mother for explaining the things so nicely and encouraging her to face the situation boldly.


dhiman said...

learning time..

dashu pagla said...

3 te tei dim dile paarto, 3 te dimseddho pawa jeto. kakimar kono buddhishuddhi nei.