Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ananda @ Baghajatin

Location: Near Baghajatin crossing in a lane (the poster can be seen on the main road)
Timings: 11 a.m-9 p.m
Closed on: Mondays

This was a wish for long. The outlet of Ananda Publishers closest to my home was near Lake Market though I never got to visit it. I always wishfully glanced at it while passing by and told myself that I would come here someday though that day never came. Finally this outlet was inaugurated last week near my home, granting my long standing wish.

Today while returning home, I decided to check it out. Sadly, I found that the shutters were about to be downed as it was a few minutes past nine. However, the proprietor (I guess so) sweetly enquired where I lived and asked me to come tomorrow. It may not be before this weekend that I will have a close look at the outlet and the titles that they have on the shelf. Nevertheless, once I check it out, will keep you posted about the details. Till then, it's three cheers to Ananda.

Image courtesy: Ananda Publishers


dhiman said...


Dashu Pagla said...

Propreitor? duur boka! Ananda'r propreitor to Sarkar gushti. oraa takar kumir, dokaane bose haakbe keno? oi lokta outlet manager, baa oirom kichhu hobe. oi jonyei bhodro.
aasol propreitor holey moha khochchor hoto!


I live in Baghajatin and is a regular visitor at the Ananda Outlet. The lady sitting @ the shop (I donno whether she's the proprietor)is really very sweet and helpful. But it's good that you didn't manage to go to the Rashbehari outlet. You wouldn't have had similar experience. Ami khub kharap byabohar peyechhi okhane. Ora jane na ki bhabe customer er stahe katha bolte hoy.

Sonali said...

Hi Moumita,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I couldn't manage to post about the outlet later as promised in the post but I'm already an avid shopper there and me and family have already filled quite some space on our bookshelves.

The lady there not only encourages me to browse books, sit there and read a few lines but even suggests what to buy in case I am not sure and have simply dropped by to catch up with what's new on the ABP list.

If only more book-lovers like her were in charge......