Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Matters of the heart

Have you ever wondered why do people fall in love? I have but could not figure it out till date.

According to me, you can’t decide to love. It just happens. Being loved by someone is truly a feeling that would take you to seventh heaven.

However, is love always reciprocated? No, goes my answer. That is where the trouble brews. Often the pages of newspapers pronounce jaded lovers taking revenge on their “objects of affection” by throwing acids or murdering them.

From my personal experience, I can say that rejection is really hard to digest, especially when it is your first love. However, rather than loosing a good friend, it is better to be friends with your erstwhile lover (erstwhile, because it was that love which never bloomed or bloomed only from one end)……

Nevertheless, it hurts and a lot at that!!

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Vivek Keserwani said...

different people have different opinion and experience about love. Yes it is a personal experience that makes love special. But for the fear of being rejected one should not deny expressing it.