Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mantras to be Happy

Life itself is a great teacher. It has taught me many valuable lessons, blow by blow. Though I don’t boast of having nerves of steel, I have entwined some of these lessons in my own life. Definitely, these lessons have made life more beautiful than it was before. Today, I would love to share a few of these mantras with you (could be applicable to you as well, not necessarily in the same order though)…..

Love yourself more than anything else. Be selfish at times and don’t feel guilty about it. Pampering yourself has its own advantages, which you need to feel on your own.
Develop a positive mental attitude.
Have tremendous self belief.
However outgoing you may be, build a protective wall around yourself that would block majority of the self defeating verses of people.
Set your own benchmarks and strive to achieve them. Be your own competitor.
Don’t have great expectations from others. Give whatever you can and wish to, without any expectation of getting a favor in return.
Do those small things that make you happy.
Nourish your mind and soul by reading quality material and spending time with quality people.
Do your duties with a degree of detachment.
Search happiness within yourself. Don’t depend on external factors.


Eiko said...

Thank you so much for giving me a little bit of good feeling in my chest and inspiration :).

Really beautiful words.


Hanne, Norway

Sonali said...

Hi Eiko,

Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my words.

windsurfher said...

I'll mirror those happy thoughts right back at you! :) Happy Mantras work, they really do! Thanks for putting into writing what I was thinking.

Lisa, BC