Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jannat-the film on cricket betting

The meteoric rise of a common man having a sixth sense in cricket betting and his eventual downfall- that’s “Jannat-in search of heaven” in a nutshell for you. Actually, I have been hooked to the song “Zaraa si dil mein de jagah tu” (sung by K.K) from this film for the past few days and was wondering if I could watch the movie just to see the song’s picturisation (yeah, yeah ..I know you would be telling….kya bahana hai film dekhne ka), a chance invitation from a friend came my way. I just can’t stand Emraan Hashmi and was dilly-dallying whether to go or not. Finally, I decided to go for this movie. I won’t say that I loved the movie but it was an interesting presentation nevertheless. In fact, films by the Bhatt Camp have always something to offer the viewers. Even if it is a stale story or situation, their intelligent presentation makes all the difference. Jannat also belongs to that genre. Some witty one-liners, good acting (of course Hashmi would have better got a hair-cut with all that moollah coming into his pocket), an insight into the world of cricket betting-all keep the viewers engaged. Though the climax was somewhat cliché, there would not have been any other way of ending the story. My verdict-go if you want to but stay back if you’ve better things to do.


Sanchita said...

I should say that the film "Jannat" is kinda okay..but i wud rather say that a very interesting story of a guy living on the edge involved in cricket betting, who gets involved in the the murder of cricket coach (depicting probably of woolmer`s murder), was sadly cut short by the producer n co. bcos they decided to focus on the love story of the guy more..yes i agree that the ending was disappointing and might be a cause for the downfall of the film. Nevertheless, in a country like india, anything w.r.t. cricket or sports for that matter (remember "Chak de India" and "Goal" apart from the famous "Lagaan") is bound to draw the audience and Jannat is no exception. Go and watch the movie in case you do not have better things in mind for a sunny sunday afternoon ;)

dhiman said...

liked that movie...particularly of imraan hasmi..