Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Adventures of Rusty: Book Review

This is a lovely book written by Ruskin Bond, an author who is mostly famous as a writer of several books for young readers but has an equally big fan following amongst the grown-ups (take my example as a point). Published by NBT, this book is an interesting read and is sure to transport the readers to their own childhood memories. The book is divided into two sections namely Uncle Ken and Running Away. Both the sections give a vivid account of Rusty's adventures. The first part deals with Rusty's eccentric uncle Ken who struggles to find a job for himself and turns at Rusty's granny's home in Dehradun every now and then. The second part deals with Rusty's plans to run away from the school-boarding at Pahargunj to meet uncle Jim (who was a sailor and whose ship was expected to put anchor at Jamnagar). The only problem was that Rusty and his friend Daljit had to cover at least eight hundred miles to pull off this feat, that too without enough money for the trip and a vague notion about the exact road map. What happens finally is for the readers to find out as I dare not spill the beans here and rob you of an interesting and enjoyable read.

So, try to grab a copy of this pocket friendly book (Rs. 25 only) with nice illustrations and take a trip back to those days of entire bliss when you were a child of Rusty's age.


dhiman said...

hmmmmm..interesting...porte hobe to..

shubhi said...

Awesome.....Thanks I'll surely read it.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the worst books i have ever read...i advice you people not to waste your money and time on this shitty book.