Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bloodstained Pink City

The serial blasts, 8 in total, that killed almst 60 and injured more than 200 in Jaipur, has taken the government at the center by surpise. While the center was busy tightening the security at the metros, no-one perhaps thought that the Pink City could be targeted. Though no military outfit has yet claimed the act to be their own, the different newspapers reported their own versions of suspects. Till it's figured out who's respnsible, it's stock taking of how many innocent lives have been wasted and how many maimed by these killer attacks.


Sanchita said...

Its really painful to see what has happened in Jaipur. Infact, I get the feeling that most of Asia is being hit by catastrophic events of late..Terrorist strikes in Jaipur, deadly earthquake in China leaving thousands of people dead and homelss, killer cyclone in Myanmar..Only pray that things normalise once again and there be peace in the lives of people.

dhiman said...

aar kotodin??