Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Kite Runner: a marvellous book

I first heard praises of this book from a colleague about 7 months back. Last Sunday when I finally purchased the book, I couldn't hold myself back from reading it that very night. Once I started reading, I was always wandering with Amir and Hassan in Kabul, wondering what would happen next. The next two days were spent with the book, in the metro, in office during lunch hours and at home in night....whenever I could steal sometime for myself. How an incident on that fateful day of the tournament changed everything, how relationships were broken, how some bitter truths were revealed, how someone would suffer (at times, it seems to be till eternity) and how he would go to any lenght for the atonement of his sins....all these and more are so beautifully captured by Khaled Hosseini in this book in fluid language that you can't but help feel a pain and start praying that the sufferings come to an end and that a new dawn full of hope and positive things finally happen.
In short, you just can't have words express how you would feel after reading this novel. I'm no exception. I still feel the pain and a peculiar kinship with the characters, especially with Amir (not to mention Hassan and his son, Sohrab). It would be another few days, I believe, that I wish to be rewinding again and again the special incidents (and believe me, there are a lot of them) of this book before I finally move forward to another story by yet another master storyteller.

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dhiman said...

taito bhabi, tui eto busy keno? jodio boi pora khub bhalo, sudhu main road a haantar somoy na porlei holo :))