Sunday, February 3, 2008

TZP-a film review

Finally, I saw the movie that has been going great guns since its release and has garnered accolades from almost all quarters. I was especially impressed by the superb performance of the kid-protagonist: Darsheel Safary. In fact, Taare Zameen Par is out and out Darsheel's film. It's nice to see how Aamir has happily allowed the kid to hog the limelight without forcing himself into the script. So, the result is a film that makes you empathise with the dyslexic kid and not just be sympathetic to him. The fear, agony, anger, eroding self confidence and getting your dreams back on a strong foothold again.....all these come so alive in Darsheel's acting that you also become a part of the suffering that the kid is going through. Perhaps this is what that can be termed a great achievement of Aamir as producer & directior of TZP.

Lastly, just a small word from my side for the entire TZP team: Kudos!!!