Thursday, February 14, 2008


Though I have crossed the threshold of 30 long ago, I thought: why not list a few blessings standing on the verge of growing older by an year soon.....

So, here's my list:
1. I don't have to utter: Single and ready to mingle (thank God for that...but I never did say these words all these years either!!!)
2. Loving my economic independance and using it according to my own sweet it purchase things, seeing a movie, taking short breaks to go on a trip.....yes, I no longer need permission (my parents, though, won't agree)
3. Seeing a movie even if the world dislikes it.
4. Being courageous enough to go for a wardrobe overhaul (happened a few years back when I tried my first jeans, loved it and now I just prefer the pants than the pyjamas.....though convention still rules @ social do's and formal occasions)
5. Eating whatever I wish to, calories be damned

Well, that's all I can think of now. Would post some other if someting new comes to my mind. Till then, I'm in the ranks of those people who sing merrily: Life begins @ 40