Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mindless Forwards

I often wonder why do we hit the forward button so many times without sparing a thought for the content that we wish others to read. Has it only become a habit or something else lies behind the curtain?

Well, before going further, let me admit that I'm also a culprit. Even some days back, I used to send forwarded mails by the dozens to friends that included a plethora of things: friendship quotes, good luck wishes, to avert being pauper or my own death and blah, blah, blah......

Of all these, I was quite uneasy with the mails that asked me to send it to a limited number of people failing which bad luck or death would stare me. Also, some miracles were said to await me after 10/15 days, which sadly never came. So, one fine day (I don't remember exactly when), it dawned upon me to shut out this mindless fear. The first mail I ignored threatened that the ghost would stare the daylight out of me and leave me dead. I waited for the ghost in the night but alas! she (yes, it was a she-ghost) was too busy to pay a visit!!

The next few mails kept me on the tenterhooks yelling that breaking the forward-the-mail-chain would bring endless bad luck that could be loss of job, poor health, monetary problem, relationship troubles and lot more. Again, my better sense prevailed and I renewed my pledge of sticking to my decision. Thankfully, by God's grace, my self confidence hasn't taken a beating since then and I have been able to conquer this habit of forwarding threat-mails (the name threat-mails coz they threat you of so many things).

Amidst all these, I do forward mails that touch a cord of my heart and which I think would make the reader feel a few things for themselves. But for now, it's goodbye to those mindless forwards!

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dhiman said...

agreed, make it two..