Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who am I

It's been quite sometime now since I started blogging. I don't remember the exact muhurat when I got hooked to scribbling on my blog. However, one thing is for sure: blogging is now an enjoyable hobby for me and I look forward to putting my thoughts in this space.

So, I thought that why not scribble something about myself today and let my fellow bloggers know a bit more about me (my apologies if you are bored to death when you get down to the last line!!).

To begin with, I am the eldest daughter of my parents (we are three sisters). I had my schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya (in Delhi and Kolkata). School was very boring, mainly because I never had my share of fun as I was the padaku kind. Nevertheless, looking back today, those days seem so much blissful now that I yearn to be back to that time again ( I can't actually!!)

College was drag as no boys were around for romance (it was a girls' college). Not that I was looking to do that but when I heard my friends seeing some guys, going steady with their partners or getting proposals, I wondered..mera number kab ayega? Well, till date, it hasn't come.

Then came the taste of freedom when I entered the job scenario. I started my career as a teacher in a missionary school. I had to slog hard as we were no better than kolhu ka bail. I spent around 6.5 years as a teacher..teaching science subjects , spoken English, Personality Development and the likes.

I chanced upon content writing and started doing freelancing in between my teaching assignments. I liked the work quite a bit and switched to it as a full timer. I have found, much to my astonishment, how poorly paid teachers' jobs are!! On one hand people and our society glorifies a teacher but when pay packet is considered, it's nothing but peanuts (as a fresher in the content writer's field, I earned more than what I was earning lastly during my role as a teacher). I am on the verge of completing a year as a content writer and I am quite sure that the financial freedom which this field has given me would not have come even after a decade as a teacher. Of course, my love and passion for writing has made it easier. Otherwise, only money would not have been able to bind me for long!!

So, that's what I have to tell about myself at present. Would scribble some more the next time as I ahve a lot of colorful events to share with all of that relate to my childhood, adolescence and .....

Well, keep guessing till I am ready to scribble more.

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