Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Independence Day

On the eve of our 61st Independence Day, I wish all my countrymen a Happy I-Day. May my nation climb the heights of new glory and be a superpower in the world to reckon with.

Image courtesy: startanindiancompany


Roy said...

You r right on thought process of dream.

Btw, when is the pujo?

I prefer pujo in outskirts. I hv been twice in Kolkata in pujo. OMG, what a crowd. In Santosh Mitra Square, they gave the entry thru BB Ganguly St & exit thru Lenin Sarani. I was thinking how they could stand so long. I enjoyed pujo best in Belur Math, the best place to find ourself. I hv also enjoyed pujo in Shantiniketan & North Bengal, they are toooooooo good!

Here in Mumbai, anjali dao, kichuri khao, bollywood singer-der gaan free-te shono & bari phire jao. Finish :-)

Sonali said...
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Sonali said...

Shosti ebar 5th October 2008 e :)

Dashu Pagla said...

e bNeRe paka taa ke rya? Kolkata'r pujo bhaalo naa, mofossoler pujo bhaalo. Shantiniketon er gruudeb maarka aantlemo bhalo. BeluR math er pujo bhaalo. kondin bolbe 'OMG! ekhaane toooooooo much bheeR. er cheye Antarctica bhaalo'.
jaao chNaadu mor, Bimal Gurung er huRo kheye pujo dyakho North Bengal er!