Sunday, June 29, 2008

Netaji Museum

Netaji Museum, 1 Woodburn Park (opposite Forum on Elgin Road)

(open everyday except Monday)

Time to visit: 11 a.m to 4.30 p.m

Cost of ticket: Adults: 5/-, Children under 12: 2/-

Ticket counter closes at: 4.15 p.m

Photography: allowed only in the ground floor (outside the museum)

As it wasn’t a planned visit, when I reached the place oblivious of the timings, the museum had already closed. Nevertheless, the ground floor has some interesting things for the visitors. There’s the Wanderer BLA 7169 enclosed in a see-through glass enclosure, which Netaji used in 1941 to flee Calcutta. The marble tablet beside the glass case reads:

"Wanderer BLA 7169

Car in which Sisir Kr. Bose drove Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose from this house in Calcutta on the night of 16th-17th January’1941 to Gomoh on the first leg of Netaji’s great escape."

At a few steps from this glass enclosure stands the brick red colored replica of the Singapore Memorial to martyrs of the Indian National Army, the foundation stone of which was laid by Netaji on 8th July, 1945. The original memorial was blown up by the British Armed Forces after their reoccupation of the island. This replica has three rectangular structures, the highest being the middle one marked “Itmad”. The two lower ones on either side of it are marked “Ittefaq” (the left one) and “Kurbani”.

The walls of the corridor have glass cases showing the publications of the museum, images of important dignitaries to the place, celebration of 23rd January, and a tablet showing the plan of this house by Sisir Kr. Bose. I was thrilled to see whatever I could and vowed to return soon to visit the museum.

Image Courtesy: Jugantar

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dhiman said...

kobe jabi re?? i'm eagerly waiting to click the Wanderer BLA 7169..