Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vanishing Conscience

Often I have heard that conscience is a trait of the middle class. Rich people don’t have a pricking conscience as they have no time to think anything else besides money. On the other hand, poor people are so engrossed in earning their daily bread and butter toiling all day long that conscience does not figure in most of their lives. Even then, we do find large sums of lost money returned by the people belonging to the lowest strata of the society or such other noble deeds done under the overwhelming influence of conscience.

What bothers me, however, is the vanishing conscience among the Gen-Y people of the society. Starting from ill treating their parents and elders, getting into the wrong habits without sparing even a second blink, kidnapping and murdering, brawls and other illegal acts-all these and more are pretty rampant in the society. The disturbing thought is that these youngsters are not bothered by their conscience. The bigger question, however, is that do these people really have something called a conscience?

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Doell said...

I agree with you completely and often one thought pinches me. One day these young people will be old, what will they teach their own offsprings? to follow the socials norm, which they never did or to live life like a brat?